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Meat-stuffed aubergines

Meat-stuffed aubergines

The aubergine forms part of the common heritage of Mediterranean cooking and is one of its basic ingredients. Our stuffed aubergines reflect the traditional know-how of Majorcan cuisine, prepared over time, and their secret, apart from the high quality of the ingredients, lies in the selection and appropriate proportions of the aromatic herbs we use. Have a guess as to which ones they are...
Dirty rice

Dirty rice

One of the indispensable examples of Majorcan cooking, characteristic of the hog butchering season. Here we prepare our “dirty rice” without the slightest hurry, in keeping with the old recipes, with different meats and spices and a highly concentrated stir-fry base. We add a secret ingredient which is not available to everyone, but we'll tell you as it's you: time. Traditional cuisine does not skimp on cooking.


During Lent the cod was browned, covered in garlic mayonnaise and placed on a bed of potatoes. We prepare it just as it was served then, without any secrets other than the fried red peppers on top. This example of Majorcan cuisine seems like it has come straight out of a fairy tale: you'll gaze at it, savour the textures and recall the flavours like a magical amalgam you'll be able to tell your grandchildren about.


The traditional recipes prepare snails with ingredients from the fields: different herbs and orange peel, as well as potatoes and bacon. We add lean meat and chops and serve them with potato garlic mayonnaise, an ingredient which gives true meaning to this festive meal, made with simple and, to the naked eye, insignificant raw materials. A pure delight.


We prepare our pigeons in the traditional manner and serve them in a way befitting their excellent quality. We thus elevate them to the category of the most exquisite meats. Accompanied by lean meat, cabbage, carrots and raisins, they become a delicate gastronomic experience, full of character, a traditional dish combining patience, time, excellent ingredients and culinary memory.
Grilled entrecote

Grilled entrecote

Grilling the meat on the embers imbues it with all the subtleties of the flames. It is an atavistic cooking technique which is second to none when it comes to something as magnificent as the entrecote. We prepare it by scrupulously satisfying the diner's preference - rare, medium or well-done - and giving it the final touches, adding sea salt flakes, fine peppercorn and olive oil. We garnish it to taste, with potatoes and salad or roasted vegetables.
Slaughter fry-up

Slaughter fry-up

It is the most lordly version of one of the signature examples of Majorcan cuisine. A slaughter fry-up is made with small pieces of lean meat, bacon and liver, accompanied by or accompanying (one never knows which way round) potatoes, red peppers and marinated herbs. A slaughter fry-up is eaten during the period of the ritual butchering of the hog. You can try a small plate of it or eat it as a main course.
Chitterling fry-up

Chitterling fry-up

A chitterling fry-up is also known as an Easter fry-up, as it's a dish characteristic of this festive period. It's an essential meal for those who love Majorcan cooking, and we devote all our efforts to complying with the traditional recipes. You will realize this by the sizes of the ingredients and the finely judged proportions of meat, vegetables and spices. It is highly advisable to accompany it with a glass or two of red wine and a slice of Majorcan bread.
T-bone steak

T-bone steak

We will grill this piece of meat and transport you off to a world of flavours and aromas reminiscent of traditional cooking. The sole secret lies in choosing the best piece of meat, preparing the embers properly and seasoning the steak with sea salt flakes, fine peppercorn and olive oil. We will garnish it as you prefer: with chips and salad or roasted vegetables.
Bread and olive oil

Bread and olive oil

An example of traditional cooking at the fingertips of anyone with enough good judgement to choose the best bread and accompaniment. We make our bread with olive oil just as our grandparents did, adding the different ingredients in keeping with the ritual: first the salt, then the oil and then the tomato. We can argue as much as you like, but you won't be able to deny that the result is spectacular. We pair it with cold meats, cheeses and toast.
Pigs' trotters

Pigs' trotters

The traditional recipes prepare pigs' trotters with all the time in the world, a process necessary to make the trotters tender and irresistible, just as patience is needed to remove all the bones. The filling, made of vegetables and meat marinated in spices, ensures that, when you put them into your mouth, those words your grandmother proclaimed, the ones you though you'd never repeat, will be echoed: “You don't know what you're eating!”


This seasonal dish is one of the flagships of our traditional cuisine. An extraordinary meal made with products from our fields. Our soups contain bacon, lean meat, chops and milkcap mushrooms, as well as the ever-dependable stir-fries, cabbage and spring onions. A humble luxury extracted from the culinary memory which is sure to impress. The accompanying pickles contribute to the sublime flavour.
Tomato and pepper salad

Tomato and pepper salad

There is nothing simpler and more delicious than two basic summer ingredients, tomatoes and white peppers, accompanied by spring onions seasoned in fine olive oil. Trempó is a primary example of uncooked Majorcan cuisine. It is suitable for vegans and raw food lovers and the perfect foil to accompany roast meat. It can also be spread over a slice of bread.
Fried vegetables

Fried vegetables

Summer without tumbet does not qualify as summer in Majorca. Aubergines, potatoes, courgettes, red peppers and tomatoes are all fried separately and served in layers. As a dish it pays tribute to the fields and the know-how of the cooks of former times. It can be covered by a fried egg or served with roast meat or fried fish. The only argument will involve what accompanies what.
Cake with ice cream

Cake with ice cream

Almond cake with a magical hint of cinnamon. The name comes from the French gateau, meaning cake. The spongy texture suggests it should be served with almond ice cream. It is certainly a fine dessert pairing, passed down from a traditional recipe.
Ensaïmada pudding

Ensaïmada pudding

This pudding made with ensaïmades - typical pastries - is a classic example of Majorcan cuisine, containing just about everything. Ensaïmades which are no longer tender are used to create this unforgettable dessert. You will come across familiar flavours with different textures and unmistakable hints of lemon peel and cinnamon.
Cheesecake with raspberries

Cheesecake with raspberries

An unforgettable dessert in any restaurant you care to mention. Our cheesecake with raspberries is based on classical international cuisine adapted to get the best out of our local ingredients.
Custard pastry

Custard pastry

The trump card of Majorcan patisserie is a custard pastry dessert. It is based on a traditional recipe and reminiscent of a huge elongated profiterole, covered with caramel and filled with custard. An absolute must.
Ricotta casserole

Ricotta casserole

Ricotta casserole is the traditional cheesecake of Majorcan cuisine. Our recipe is just like the one you'll remember your grandmother preparing, only we bake it in silicone moulds, giving it a more modern look.
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Tripes 7,50€
“Frit de Freixura” 7,50€
“Frit de Matances” 7,00€
Cuttle Fish with Onion 9,20€
Snails 9,90€
Tongue with Capers 7,00€
“Pa amb Oli” Mixed 6,50€
Green Salad 5,40€
Mixed Salad 7,10€
“Trempó” 6,50€
Croquettes 7,00€
Fried Seafood 9,30€
Chicken nuggets 8,70€
Squid nuggets 8,30€
Squid Breaded 7,60€

Rice and Soups

Rice Soup “Brut” 7,40€
Majorcan Sop 5,40€
Paella (F. Pers.) (By Order - Mín. 2 Persons.) 11,90€

Seasonal Dishes

With meat Stuffed Aubergines 10,50€
“Tumbet” 9,40€
With Fish Stuffed Aubergines 13,00€

Meat Dishes

Roast Suckling Pig 10,80€
Roast Lamb 12,00€
Pork Loin with Cabbage 12,00€
Pigeons with Cabbage 13,50€
Escalope 7,60€
Roast Suckling Pig (entire) (order, 2 days in advance) 148,00€
Suckling Kid with wild Mushrooms 15,30€
Stuffed Pork Feets 12,60€
Chops of Suckling Fried with Garlic 13,00€

Barbecued Meat

Lamb Chops 12,00€
Pork Chops 8,70€
Quails 9,90€
Suckling Rabbit 13,80€
Sirloin Steak 15,30€
Chickenbreast 9,80€
Pork Fillet 10,90€
T. Bone Steak 17,00€
Fillet Steak 18,10€
Duck Magret 14,80€
Pepper Sauce 2,75€

Fish Dishes

Grilled Cuttle Fish 10,80€
Stuffed Calamarins 14,10€

Cakes and Ice-Cream

Flan 3,20€
Pudding 4,00€
Cottage Cheese Cake 4,80€
Cake with Walnuts 4,80€
Cheese C. with Blueberries 4,80€
Banana with Almonds 3,90€
Fresh Fruits s.m
Pijama 4,80€
Hazelnut Cake 4,20€
Almond Cake 4,20€
Alm. Cake & Ice Cream 5,40€
Mousse of Chocolate 4,90€
Small Ice Cream 2,80€
Big Ice Cream 4,00€
“Palo” whip. Cream 4,10€


Bread and Olives 1,40€
Mayonnaise 1,50€
“Allioli” 1,70€

* Besides this Menu-dishes we offer you Ours dishes of the day.


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